Criteo Activation

To integrate Criteo with Simon, we need access to your custom Criteo app, which subsequently itself needs access to your Criteo account. Providing this access is two parts:

  • Create a Developer App in Criteo and configure it to allow access to your data
  • Enter your Criteo credentials in Simon

Follow the steps below:


Existing Criteo Integration Credentials as of November 2021

The Criteo API has been updated as of November, 2021. If you previously authorized Criteo with Simon, you need to create a new Criteo Developer App and enter your credentials in Simon using the directions below.

Create a Criteo Developer App

Before you begin, you must have a Criteo Developer Account. Review Criteo Developers; Getting Started.

  1. Log in to your Criteo Developer account at
  2. Click Create a new app:

new app button

  1. In the New app project screen, complete the Name and Description fields with the following:

New app project fields

  • Name: Simon Integration
  • Description: An app to integrate with Simon Data
  • Image: Not necessary
  1. Click Create app.

Configure app details

  1. Click the Create New Key button. This downloads a file that contains the information needed to authenticate in Simon. Take note of these credentials for later:
    • client_id (username): <LONG STRING OF LETTERS AND NUMBERS>
    • client_secret (password): <LONG STRING OF LETTERS AND NUMBERS>

Note your client_id and client_secret for later

  1. In the application setting, under the Service Heading, verify Marketing solutions is selected then click Save:

Service - Marketing solutions

  1. Authorization displays next. From the Audiences Domain drop down, select Manage then click Save:

Assign "Manage" to Audiences

Activate the app


Once You Activate, You Can't Edit

Once you activate, you can't edit so confirm you assigned Manage to Audiences in the previous step. If you miss this, you'll have to start the process over and create a new app.

  1. Click Activate app:

Activate app

  1. Click Generate new URL to receive the consent URL. Note the URL for later. It'll look something like this:********************************

Generate new URL

Grant access to your new app

  1. Log in to with an Admin Account.
  2. Once you're logged in as an admin, navigate to your consent URL from step 9 (copy/paste in the address bar) then follow the instructions to allow access.

Enter credentials in Simon

  1. Log in to Simon as an admin. From the left navigation, expand Admin Center then click Integrations.
  2. Scroll to the Criteo Integration then click Add. Complete three fields:
  • Advertiser ID: Your Criteo Marketing ID (find this in your Criteo marketing product dashboard, or as part of your Marketing Dashboard URL)
  • Username: client_id: (from step 5 above)
  • Password: client_secret: (from step 5 above)
  1. Click Save.

If successful, Connected displays in the integration block:


  • If you your Username or Password are incorrect, Not Authorized displays
  • If your Username and Password are correct, but you app does not have access to your marketing channel, Application does not have access to marketing channel displays. (Review step 7).

Manage your app

Review Criteo's Developer Documentation for more details on managing apps within Criteo.

Revoke Access

You can revoke Simon's access at any time by deleting the key from within your app, or by deleting the app itself.